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I'm Ken Altes, Austin, Texas REALTOR. 

-- Central Austin Neighborhoods
-- Modern and Historic Properties
-- Green and Solar Technologies

I came to Austin from Dallas to attend the University of Texas 
and earned a History degree, and never left..

I've lived in the Bouldin Creek Neighborhood for 24 years,
located just south of Lady Bird Lake, and between
Zilker and Travis Heights in zip 78704.

As a licensed real estate professional for 28 years,  I've developed
construction & Green tech knowledge retrofitting 500 homes and contributing to Austin's Building Code for Energy Conservation.  
Gained real world experience doing about 8000 home & commercial building inspections earlier in my carrer, including many historic, landmark structures. 

I can help you find the most efficient homes and avoid costly mistakes.  Before and after contract signing, when necessary, I work towards finding creative solutions to keep the transaction on track.

Contributions to our community include preservation of natural & architectural treasures in Central Austin neighborhoods, including the fight to save the iconic, historic Seaholm Power Plant building on Lady Bird Lake in Central Austin.  Also, Woody, my Boxer/mix, and I want to preserve leash-free access to Auditorum Shores.

Call anytime to discuss your Real Estate needs.

Ken Altes, 512-698-5332

Home Buyers Benefit from a Green Realtor
    As an expert in Green technologies and home construction, I can help you evaluate the conservation features of any house, as well as validate all claims by the seller.  Homes advertised as a Green Home can vary greatly in terms of utility and maintenance costs, and other measures such as indoor air quality.  Homes with green or ecological features can look like conventional or modern homes, and, conversely, a modern styled home may not be very Green.  It's good to have an expert on your side.
Home Sellers Benefit from a Green Realtor
     If you are selling a Green home, or one with notable conserving features, most real estate agents will not be able to identify or value those special features that your home offers.  Home buyers will be particularly interested in those Green features that lower utility costs and maintenance costs, attracting more potential home buyers. List your Green home with us to sell it faster and at a higher price.  
Realtors with Home Inspection Expertise Help Buyers
     As a licensed professional Texas real estate inspector, I inspected more than 9000 homes and buildings for buyers, experience greater than 95% of Austin home inspectors.  I will alert you to significant structural or other defects that would not be obvious to other, less experienced Realtors, saving you time and money.  I do not, however, provide any inspections for my real estate clientele, but assist you in utilizing your inspectors' findings.
     For a home with significant defects, you may want to move on, or make your contract offer to reflect the costs to remedy those defects. This knowledge will put you in a better position to negotiate subsequent requests for repairs or price discounts.
     In one recent transaction to purchase a home, my client's inspector overlooked defects in the roof, but I did not. Consequently, we negotiated an additional $8,000 off the purchase price.
Realtors with Inspection Expertise Help Out-of-Town Buyers and Sellers
     For the out-of-town buyer or seller, whether for personal occupancy or investment, the advantages of a Realtor with superior technical knowledge are invaluable.  Trust me to be your eyes and ears, weeding out the undesirable properties,and identifying the best properties to meet your needs.  Save time and money.
     Additionally, I have frequently made videos and photographs of potential properties to better inform out-of-town buyers.  Online contract signing saves time and hassle for out-of-town buyers and sellers.
Realtors with Inspection Expertise Help Sellers
     It is advantageous to the home seller to be represented by a Realtor with knowledge at least equal to the buyer's inspector.  Unfortunately, many home inspectors make mistakes, or free-lance (identifying defects when they are not defects, but perhaps an older construction standard).  If a buyer, relying on a mistaken inspection report, asks for "repairs" or a price reduction based on erroneous findings, I will identify them for you, often saving significant time and money, and perhaps resolving an impasse and holding the contract together.
     Another very significant advantage to the home seller is the advice available regarding the condition of the house.  What, if any, repairs should be made before putting it on the market?  Often, the seller will make ill-advised repairs, spending scarce resources where it does little good, and neglecting areas that may need attention.  Also, a seller may overvalue or undervalue certain features of their home, resulting in a list price that is not optimal.
Extensive Central Austin Experience
     I have lived in Austin 40 years, all of it in Central Austin neighborhoods, including Hyde Park, Clarksville and Bouldin Creek Neighborhoods, where I currently reside.  I know the advantages of each neighborhood - its history, features and character.  I have helped clients buy and sell in these neighborhoods.  Whether you are interested in an historic home, a condo or a Green modern home, I can guide you to meet your needs.  
Advantages of a Realtor with Advanced Negotiation Skills
     Being a Certified Negotiation Expert, combined with expertise in Green technologies, home inspection and a deep knowledge of Austin's homes, you will be very well represented for all contingencies.  
     Contact us to provide professional real estate services assuring that your transaction will go smoothly and profitably.
Green Homes Defined
     Sustainability, energy conservation, water conservation, and overall resource conservation are objectives of any Green Eco Homes rating system, including Austin's Green Building Program, LEED (Environments for Living), and Energy Star programs.  
     The entire life-cycle and transportation impacts on the environment are considered.  Other commonly used terms include sustainable design and green architecture. 
A Note on Austin's Green Building Program
     Using 3 Star, 4 Star and 5 Star ratings, this nationally regarded system was designed to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on the natural environment and human health by using energy, water, and other resources more efficiently.  Austin's Green Building Program integrates the concept of natural materials available locally.
     The related concepts of sustainable development and sustainability are central to Green building. Effective Green building can lead to 1) reduced operating costs by increasing productivity and using less energy and water, 2) improved public and occupant health due to improved indoor air quality, and 3) reduced environmental impacts by, for example, lessening storm water runoff and the heat island effect. Designers of Green buildings often seek to achieve not only ecological but aesthetic harmony between a structure and its surrounding natural and built environment, although the appearance and style of sustainable buildings is not always distinguishable from their less sustainable counterparts.